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Denture Services

Come in for a new set of dentures or repairs on your existing set

Benefits of Custom Dentures

Dentures not only give you a full set of usable teeth again, they also carry a number of other benefits. Having your dentures custom-made by an experienced denturist is the best way to ensure that they fit perfectly in your mouth, which maximizes comfort and minimizes irritation. They can also help to give your cheeks more shape and definition, giving you a healthier, younger look. When taken care of, dentures can last for many years. They give you a natural looking smile and allow you to chew and speak as if they were your real teeth. Dentures are a good option to restore your smile if you have more than one missing tooth.

For more information on our denture services, or to schedule an appointment with a denturist, give us a call today. Our office is wheelchair accessible.

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Jeffrey Malcolm - Denturist Serving New Westminster and Burnaby

Jeffrey Malcolm Denturist is an independently owned and operated denturist clinic, serving the denture needs of New Westminster, Burnaby and Lower Mainland patients for 25 years. Our denturists pride themselves on personalizing services for each patient, offering dentures that are made just for you to maximize comfort, stability and functionality. Whether you're coming in for a new set of dentures, or you need an existing set repaired or adjusted, our team is here to help you get one step closer to your dream smile.

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